Presentation to the Retired Men’s Club of Arlington

I had the great pleasure of being invited to the Retired Men’s Club of Arlington on January 8th to speak about libraries.  I had such a wonderful time and absolutely loved the club. I am many years away from retirement, but I want to join the club as soon as I do retire! Here is a description of the presentation and the slides:

With the rise of the internet, the recent popularity of e-books and the prevalence of smartphones in today’s society, are the days of the public library numbered? Absolutely not, according to Ryan Livergood, Director of Libraries for the Town of Arlington and Treasurer of the Massachusetts Library Association. Libraries are busier than ever, and Ryan believes the public library has never been more vital to the community it serves. Ryan will tell the story of how today’s 21st century library is different from the library of the 20th century, and the stories of individuals that are using today’s libraries to improve their lives. He will also discuss how the story of today’s library parallels the story of the rapidly changing world we live in today…how not just libraries, but all organizations, will have to adapt to meet the changing habits and needs of the individuals we serve.


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2012 NELA Annual Conference

The 2012 NELA Annual Conference was fantastic. Not only did I give a presentation discussing our experience as a partner library with Library Renewal, but also I had the chance to sit on a great panel and give a presentation on some of our successes using social media to connect with patrons and promote library services. You can check out my slides on social media, essentially the top ten guidelines for connecting through social media (learned through a few successes and several failures) below:


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SEFLIN 2011: America Runs on Mobile

On Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend and present two breakout sessions at the SEFLIN 2011 Bridges to Technology Conference. It was nice to get a chance to see old friends, meet new people, see a great keynote presentation by Maurice Coleman, and exchange ideas with a excellent group of individuals. I had a wonderful time!

I’d like to say thank you once again to SEFLIN for inviting us to present at the conference. And a special thank you to my former MDPLS colleague and SEFLIN member Julio Granda for all his help with making sure everything went smoothly during each breakout session. Here are the presentation slides:

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“Talking Walls, Augmented Realities and Children’s Services” at NELA 2011 ITS Spring Event

Last Friday, I had the honor and privilege of co-presenting with my brilliant and amazing colleague Bonnie Roalsen at the 2011 Information Technology Section Spring Event of the New England Library Association.  The topic of the day was “Mobilize your patrons: library services in a hand-held world” and I thought the event was fantastic.  The day provided a terrific overview of various mobile services and some ideas on how libraries can better serve their “hand-held” patrons, including real examples that libraries can implement today. Links to all of the presentations can be found here, and I highly recommend checking them out.

Bonnie and I were part of an afternoon panel and discussion with Brian Herzog, the Swiss Army Librarian, and Christine Drew.  Our presentation was “Talking Walls, Augmented Realities and Children’s Services”, which covered how libraries can use QR codes to extend library services and programs, engage communities, and construct mobile knowledge networks.  We also touched a bit on augmented reality and some cool ways on how it can be implemented into library services.  Check it out below:

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