SEFLIN 2011: America Runs on Mobile

On Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend and present two breakout sessions at the SEFLIN 2011 Bridges to Technology Conference. It was nice to get a chance to see old friends, meet new people, see a great keynote presentation by Maurice Coleman, and exchange ideas with a excellent group of individuals. I had a wonderful time!

I’d like to say thank you once again to SEFLIN for inviting us to present at the conference. And a special thank you to my former MDPLS colleague and SEFLIN member Julio Granda for all his help with making sure everything went smoothly during each breakout session. Here are the presentation slides:

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Promoting events with Xtranormal

Ever since I saw my first Xtranormal video I wanted to make one. And I finally did get around to making an Xtranormal video to promote 1book4summer. Check out the final result:

Making videos with Xtranormal is easy.  If you can type, you can do it! It probably took me about two hours to make the video above, and most of that time was spent writing the script! Of course, now that I have made one, it will go much faster the next time. Either you can make one online directly through their website or download Xtranormal State and create the video through this program on your computer. After you register as a new user, you get 300 Xtranormal points that allow you to unlock certain scenes and characters. If I had been willing to purchase more Xtranormal points, I could have unlocked some really fun characters and scenes. However, I think the ones available with the free initial 300 points will serve most users just fine. After I created my little movie on Xtranormal State, I did add a title page and credits to the video using Windows Movie Maker.

Want to make an Xtranormal video but think you will need some help? The Daring Librarian has a great detailed overview on her wiki how to create videos with Xtranormal. Additionally, she has created this sweet At-A-Glance Comic Tutorial!

I had a blast making this video. If you haven’t used Xtranormal before, you should do it. It is a great tool for making videos to promote library events.  I think it would also be an awesome tool to use for a children and/or teen film making program.  What other ways do you think libraries could use Xtranormal?




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1book4summer: read, share, and discover great summer reads!

Today I want to share with you a project that I co-created with my colleagues: 1book4summer! And hopefully I can convince you to get involved!

Looking to take your summer reading program to a new level this year? Do you want to be part of a book group that your users can participate with wherever they are on the planet? Would you like to share your thoughts on great summer reads with others around the world or discover other great reading materials for yourself?

Check out 1book4summer! Inspired by Nancy Pearl’s “One Book” movement and Jeff Howe’s One Book, One Twitter and 1book140 Twitter book groups, 1book4summer is a global summer reading group which will vote to select a book to read this summer and discuss it entirely on Twitter. Additionally, participants will be able to share what they are reading at through an interactive map with others around the globe and help people discover other great reads by location.

How does 1book4summer work?

The 1book4summer team, consisting of some of the world’s finest librarians and booksellers, has narrowed it down to a shortlist of four novels that are in the running for the inaugural 1book4summer book selection. Voting on Twitter will begin on June 7, 2011 to select the book title. Voting will end on June 21, 2011 at Noon (EST) and the book title will be announced. Then, the real fun begins! Not only will participants be able to read and tweet all summer, but also they will be able to share their favorite titles from around the world at And for those avid readers looking for other books to read this summer, they can discover great, new summer reads at as well.

How can I participant in the book discussion?

When the discussion begins on June 21, it will be done entirely on Twitter. Dedicated hashtags will be used for each chapter. #1b4s_1 will be used for chapter 1, #1b4s_2 will be used for chapter 2, #1b4s_3 will be used for chapter 3, and so on. There is no set schedule and you can read and discuss the book as you’d like. There are no hard or fast rules, but please use the chapter hashtags to avoid any spoilers.

How can I share some of my favorite summer reads with everyone and find other great summer reads?

In addition to interacting with other 1book4summer participants through Twitter, visit to share your favorite summer reads and discover other great books by location through an interactive map.

Join the team!

Come join in on the fun this summer! Follow @1book4summer for updates and #1b4s for the discussion. Visit to share your favorite summer reads or to discover something new.  Become a fan of 1book4summer through our Facebook Page. Questions? Feel free to contact us through Twitter or e-mail us at 1book4summer at gmail dot com.

1book4summer logo designed by Jane Bleakley

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